Bodyshop Repairer Network


We have a network of Bodyshop repairers across the country that offer a "Prepare Your Lease Vehicle For Return" Inspection service for our customers with lease vehicles in your area.

Its free to join our network, when we have a customer due off lease in your area we will pass them your details. They will call to make an appointment and bring the vehicle to you in a just valeted condition for an advisory check over to see if any damage repair is required, before the vehicle is returned to the lease provider.

Many of our members now also advertise the service locally to capture even more local customers with lease vehicle. (The vehicle leasing market in the UK is growing at similar rates to the mobile phone growth, its becoming very popular.).

We have an industry guide of what is and isn’t acceptable (BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Guide) the charge for this inspection is £29.99 to the customer, but the feedback we have on additional income generated on required work makes it very viable.

We have now taken our partnership scheme a step further, we can supply free of charge A4 presentation stand,business cards, local website and telephone numbers that you hand out to your customers, these enquiries and calls will be routed through to a dedicated member of staff at Leaseline and highlighted it was generated by you and for every person that goes on to take a vehicle on lease from us we would pay you £50 +VAT (Excludes Courtesy Cars) Not only does that generate you additional income, you will start to grow a local fleet of customers with lease cars that will need repairs out of the lease and on return.

This can generate good additional levels of chargeable hours for your Bodyshop.

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